• AIoT sensors can expedite your company's growth.


    AIoT sensor can accurately catch and analyze human gestures and motions, by which wise decisions could be made timely.

    The analysis of human behaviors can benefit your decisions and makes your company grow faster.

  • Core Services

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    Device-Free Fall Detection

    Detecting movements like falls, then sending alerts to the related people and medical institutions.

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    People Occupancy

    Detecting human presence, counting the number of people in an area.


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    Sleep Quality Monitoring

    Monitoring sleeping quality. No need to use wearables.


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    Vital Sign Monitoring

    Measuring micro vibrations like the heart beating and breathing in a non-contact way.


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    Passive Indoor Localization

    Localizing indoor positions without the aid of other signals from other devices.

  • How It Works

    Our AIoT sensing system can detect minor movements and small objects like walking and breathing.Comparing with conventional solutions(e.g. thermal imaging, passive infrared sensor and video analytic cameras),it is not affected by temperature thus it can protect personal privacy.


    Easy to Install

    Only need one-time set up.


    High-Resolution Monitoring

    Using high-resolution intelligent sensing ability to make wise decisions.


    Privacy Protection

    More secure than other devices.

  • Solutions

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    Health Care

    Detecting falls without cameras or wearable devices. Monitoring vital signs during sleep for multiple people.

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    Smart Building

    Counting the occupancy rates of workspace and meeting rooms. Providing visibility to building managers. Creating a better working environment save cost.

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    Robotics And More

    Enable smart home, smart travel, smart factory. Help customers build a fully-automatic production environment.

  • About Us


    Our team consists of highly motivated and skilled specialists who know how to deal with any issue that you may come across.

    This creates a basis of lasting relationships with our clients build on trust and mutual understanding.

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